Splitting Your Hive

Splitting the Hive

On the first warm days of September when the Macadamia & citrus trees are in flower I assess each hive by observing directly through the Perspex ceiling if the hive is full & also by the number of bees entering & leaving at midday.

Those that are full (Weigh 4.5 Kg) & vigorous are then moved to a suitable table alongside an empty hive box.

The staples holding the box together are removed & the hive is cut across the centre-line with a sharp knife.

If the hive inside does not look full enough it can be re-assembled & returned to its location until next year.

 If the hive is full then the old full top is placed on a new empty bottom, stapled, then returned to the original location.

The full bottom is next covered with an empty top, stapled & moved to a new location.

The correct movement of old top & bottom is VERY IMPORTANT as  through ignorance I have lost new hives to invading beetles.

Open Days at Cundletown

I hold open days on the weekends in September when all are welcome to observe my procedure, practice on my hives before your own & ask any questions so that you can avoid the mistakes that I have made.

NO bee are sold in September.