Taree Native Bees.


Tetragonula carbonaria(TC) is a small native black bee similar in size to a small house-fly however with the same ability as common honey bees to collect nectar & pollen from flowers then return to their hive to feed the pollen to their young plus store the nectar as honey.

TC is the most common hive-forming native bee from the Gold Coast in Queensland down the coast to Manly in Sydney. TC does not thrive inland where frosts are common so be aware of your local climate before purchase.

TC does not sting like a common honey bee, however if their hive is disturbed TC can bite exposed flesh & is small enough to enter ears & nostrils to deter aggressors.


TC are interesting insects that, once you get used to observing, can be seen working hard around your garden.

They will pollinate all native & a wide selection of exotic plants.

There will be a marked increase in seed / fruit production compared to honey bees which often rob the nectar without having to enter the flower at all.

You will find that you begin to take careful note of when each plant in your garden comes into flower. It is an advantage that something be in flower year round. Make a point of buying plants that flower when others are not.

See "Learn More" for my plant list.

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