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Selling Hives   

2024 This has been a  good year with most hives gaining weight. I hope to have about 12 Hives for sale by the year end.

I hold the new hives until just prior to Christmas to ensure you are buying a vigorous hive that has fully recovered from the September splitting.

I am selling hives from Coastal Newcastle to Port Macquarie as this is within easy transport of the hive from my home. In Newcastle I plan on delivering to customers at the Newcastle Wildflower Nursery Glendale (see in Links below)

The selling price for 2024 will be $300


Now You are an Owner

The September after you purchased your hive you will be able to observe whether the hive is ready to split again. Only split if it is full of bees & weighs more that 4.5 kg.

Before working on the hive I recommend making a simple veil to protect your ears & nose from the disturbed bees.

You are welcome to split one of my hives under direction then you can purchase from me an empty hive for $100 & split your own. This hive can be moved to a new sheltered part of your neighbour's garden, given to a friend for Christmas or sold back to me for $120.


Honey Production

When you have sufficient hives that some are not to be split these can then have a Honey Collector placed on top with a larger polystyrene cover & another Perspex separator to replace the current ceiling inside the hive. Once again I recommend performing this task on my hives before your own. The items necessary can be purchased from me for $65.  Depending on the weather & the amount of flowers available TC will fill this Honey Collector. When full it can be removed emptied of about 1 kilo of honey & returned without disturbing the main hive & brood.  


Essential Aussie Bee Information- http://www.aussiebee.com.au/

Newcastle Wildflower Nursery Glendale- http://newcastlewildflower.com.au/

Bee Friendly Flowers- https://rirdc.infoservices.com.au/items/12-014

Native Bees in a Log http://www.abc.net.au/creaturefeatures/facts/ep5_petfacts.htm

 Flowering Times @ Taree