TalkinTrek Haiku Slam

#1 Inner Light (phonetic Japanese) From WK in LA

Torae rareta


Furūto ensō

English Translation


In an alien probe

Flute playing

#2 SPOCK! From SO in the Midwest

Spock’s got pointy ears

And a friend named James T

Best friends forever

#3 Dad Jokes From AA in LA

What did Joe just say?

Play it back again my friend

Double the Dad Jokes

#4 Renegade Kirk (phonetic Klingon) From JH in the Midwest

TlhIngan jagh James Kirk

Vegh qlb nej nov yln Hegh que

DuvDl' ghaH yoH je!

English Translation

Klingon enemy James Kirk

Brings death through the galaxy

Looking for alien life!

#5 Prime D From AW in the Midwest

Kirk and Spock and Bones

Just observe And do no harm

The Prime Directive