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Podcast #1 Jan 2018

Arena - TOS Season 1 Episode 18

Dad and daughter share their thoughts on Jim Kirk, monsters, and chemistry as we disect this classic Star Trek from 51 years ago this month. To listen click the TalkinTrek icon OR for an IMDB page on this classic Star Trek click the Gorn icon. Click Here for photos of the Podcasters at Vasquez Rocks

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TalkinTrek Podcast #1 AFTERTHOUGHTS:

Brigid - Did anyone else think the Metrons look like David Bowie?

Brigid - The Metrons are really good at camera editing! And pretty funny that they basically made the Enterprise crew just watch a Star Trek episode.

Brigid - Kirk says "like most humans I have a revulsion to lizards" ...I have a revulsion to bugs....but lizards are either cute or cool. speak for yourself Kirk!

Dad - Now I forgot what I was going to say...

Podcast #2 Jan 2018

Conspiracy - TNG Season 1 Episode 24

Dad and daughter share yet another episode this time one of Brigid's favorites from Next Generation. To listen click the TalkinTrek icon OR for an IMDB page on this classic Star Trek click the alien bug icon. CLICK HERE to see photos of our Episode 1 "Landing Party"

TalkinTrek Podcast #2 AFTERTHOUGHTS:


What does NCC stand for? Possibly: New Council of the Constellations, Nice Crew of Comrades, National Comet of Crazies, National Chicken Council, Nordic Cracker Cookers...

Podcast #3 Feb 2018

Return of the Archons - TOS Season 1 Episode 21

Continuing the saga of swimming into 1960's television. In "Return of the Archons" Kirk is up against a super machine, and Dad and daughter are here to explain it

TalkinTrek Podcast #3 AFTERTHOUGHTS:

  • Are you going to the Festival of Fleas?

Podcast #4 Feb 2018

Cathexis - STVoy Season 1 Episode 12

Dad and daughter try to stay on point while they discuss Chakotay and his fight against the aliens. BTW, it was only his superior intellect that allowed him to survive.

TalkinTrek Podcast #4 AFTERTHOUGHTS:

  • Captain Picard overacted but in a subtle way.

Brigid's Other Fav Moments:

  • Doc: You're being paranoid. Neelix: What? Doc: Maybe a little TOO paranoid.
  • When Harry gets bored and spaces off during their meeting. Janeway says, "I'm very disturbed by what just happened here." Really? Talking about magnaton scans might cause me to space off too hahaha

Podcast #5 Feb 2018

Acquisition - STENT Season 1 Episode 19

Moving on to Captain Archer and what's with this Tripp guy anyway? Oh and everybody is running around in their underpants.


Way to reference Groundhog's Day, "That about sums it up for me." Also, Forrest Gump works into it.

Podcast #6 Mar 2018

City on the Edge of Forever - TOS Season 1 Episode 28

The best ever Star Trek episode. It has it all, time travel, Kirk falls in love, murderers and assassins. What more could you want? Dad, daughter and a special guest Brigid's Uncle Bill, dive into this classic episode from April 6, 1967 IN FRONT OF A STUDIO AUDIENCE! Here are photos from our LIVE SHOW! Click Here!


  • Dad says, Math is for Chumps.
  • Brigid was in total control of the situation... NOT

Podcast #7 Apr 2018

Trials and Tribble-ations - STDS9 Season 5 Episode 6

Our fan favorite TOS episode The Trouble with Tribbles collides with Deep Space 9 in this awesome special effect tour de force.


  • Google, "Scotty's missing a finger" or CLICK HERE

Podcast #8 Apr 2018

Star Trek: First Contact

Dad and daughter (along with a special guest) Celebrate First Contact Day (April 5th) with a TalkinTrek podcast ruminating about our favorite moments in this iconic Next Gen film from 1996


  • Lyrics for Magic Carpet Ride can be found HERE!
  • Picard vs Chunk? Find it HERE! You had to be there.

Podcast #9 Apr 2018

Death Wish - STVoy Season 2 Episode 18

It's time to get real as Dad and daughter explore life, death, and immortality. Questions that are sure to provoke a ton of fun. PLUS we get to talk about Q! It just doesn't get any better than that.


  • A friend told me that at 104 years old his aunt had lost all of her friends and family. It seems to be hard to go on from that point. Food for thought.

Podcast #10 May 2018

Tapestry - STNG Season 6 Episode 15

Continuing with the theme of Q and an examination of life. We visit Tapestry, a TNG episode that asks the question "If you could, would you change anything in your past? OR Should you?" Food for thought!