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The periodic podcast that may not break new ground where Star Trek folklore is concerned but we will have fun.

Standard disclaimer: 1 We are not doing this for fame or fortune just for fun. 2 We don't claim to be Star Trek experts, but we love talking about it.

Season 2 Episode 1 - June 2018

The Inner Light - STNG Season 5 Episode 25

Not so much more Q but way more Picard! Inner Light a total fan favorite!! Dad muses about the joys of parenting and HAIKU! Lots of Haiku zennieness.

Season 2 Episode 2 - July 2018

Mirror Mirror - STOS Season 2 Episode 4

Brigid and her Dad wonder about how a mustache and goatee make someone 50% more evil. Special Guest Star Aric!

Season 2 Episode 3 - COMING SOON

Star Trek II The Wrath of Kahn -

Brigid and her Dad put the smack down on Ricardo Montalbon