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Art House Ylen is located in Rauma, in a village called Kodisjoki. This art house was the residence of Väinö (1908-2000) Ylen and his wife Hilma (1911-1991). Väinö worked as a bricklayer and a farmer but after his retirement he began making cement sculptures. And the collection is huge: hundreds of sculptures! Väinö Ylen is one of the most famous ITE-artists (ITE = outsider art) in Finland.

The sculptures are mainly depicting people and animals – characters in their everyday life. But as well as you can find there kids playing or a choir singing, also famous athletes and politicians ”live” there in this unbelieveable surrounding. A part of the sculptures are located outside the house but mainly the collection is in the old cowshed.

The house itself can also be visited and it’s quite an attraction: the interior has remained as it was during the couple’s life. This makes the atmosphere there very pacifying.

Väinö and Hilma Ylen had no children. They left the house and the collection of sculptures to (an association affiliated with) the church to which they belonged.

The art house is regularly open in summertime but you can also ask for your own exhibition any time. Welcome!