I was lucky enough to move to a senior community where David teaches classes two days a week. I was definitely apprehensive at first because I have never been athletic, and "regular" exercising has never worked for me. I went part-time at work so decided to try Tai Chi after reading that it was good for people like me who have asthma. Since April 2017, when I started, there have been big changes for me and I am thrilled and encouraged by these! My first improvement was noticed at a trip to the podiatrist. When she manipulated the middle toe on my right foot I nearly yanked it away. This toe has been "dead" (has had no feeling in it), for over 30 years. The doctor and I are convinced the feeling came back because of the increased movement of, and circulation to, the toes from Tai Chi. Next was the fact I realized I hadn't been bothered by restless leg syndrome for months - another testament to David's classes. Most recently was this past Black Friday. My daughters and I have been using this one day a year to be together, have fun, and to get all our holiday shopping done. In fact it was our 20th year this November. In years past, I'd take Advil before we left, again about every three hours, and more when I got home, just to be able to sleep. My knees, legs and feet would be killing me. This year I took my bottle of Advil with me, but didn't need even one tablet! My girls were as astonished as I was! And even though I was tired by the end of the ten-hour day, I slept fine and have experienced no leg or back pain from that "marathon."

I highly recommend David's classes to anyone interested in building leg strength and balance (these are my goals). Tai Chi is not as easy at it looks but it sure brings positive results! David is such a patient instructor, and always has a smile and a compliment when we get something right. As someone who has never advocated any form of exercise in my life, I still find it hard to believe I am enjoying this so much! David knows just how much we oldsters can manage, and works to each person's level of competency. I am so grateful to Harmony Bay for having him teach our classes, and for David's willingness to do so.

Laurie (age 71)

Your Tai Chi class has helped my balance considerably and made me much more aware of how my body is positioned when walking. Thank you so much!

Rilla E. (90 years young)

Tai Chi has made me feel more balanced.” My body and mind are more connected. It’s GREAT!

Gail G. (68 years young)