Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Proven Health Benefits of Tai Chi Practice

Tai Chi is one of the most practiced forms for health improvement around the world. Many scientific studies show that the practice of Tai Chi improves, and or prevents, many illnesses including Arthritis, Heart Disease, and Depression. Tai Chi improves balance, immunity, and reduces stress. Tai Chi can improve every aspect of health.

Cardiovascular - Tai Chi increases the circulation of blood and oxygen to all parts of the body. The heart rate increases without over exertion; the movements promote deep, relaxed breathing and Tai Chi has been found to reduce high blood pressure.

Skeletal System - One main goal of Tai Chi is to achieve proper alignment of the spine with the shoulders and pelvic girdle. The slow, sustained stretching improves flexibility in all joints. Both of these effects can reduce the natural degeneration of the spine.

Muscular System - All the major skeletal muscle groups are used in Tai Chi. Slow stretching alternating with full contraction of the muscles relieves unwanted muscle tension and improves muscle tone. Strengthening the deep muscle stabilizers of the spine, including those muscles of the lower back and abdomen is especially good for people with lower back pain.

Nervous System - Tai Chi develops balance, coordination, and fine motor control. The reflex wiring of the entire body is used in the movement patterns and the reflexes are improved. Practicing Tai Chi initially requires focused attention and therefore improves concentration.

What is the Tai Chi for Health programs by Dr. Lam

There are many forms of Tai Chi but specially designed programs for health have many advantages. Since 1997, Dr. Paul Lam of Australia has worked with Tai Chi and medical experts to create a series of Tai Chi for Health programs that are easy and enjoyable to learn and, at the same time, deliver significant health benefits. A number of published studies have shown these programs are safe and effective. Organizations such as the American Society on Aging, the Arthritis Foundation, and the CDC have each done their own fall prevention studies and found Tai Chi to be effective in reducing falls. Dr. Lam developed arthritis at an early age and has successfully controlled it through the study of Tai Chi. Hour for hour, practicing a Tai Chi for Health program is probably the most effective exercise to improve health and well-being. This will lead you to health and harmony within yourself and with others. It is so enjoyable that millions of people around the world practice it.

What is the Simplified 37 Posture Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan by Cheng Man-Ch’ing

Cheng Man-Ch’ing was born in 1902 and passed away in 1975. Many regard Cheng Man-Ch’ing (Often referred to as Professor) as the man who brought Tai Chi to the west. Cheng Man-Ch’ing moved to the United States in 1964, where he taught a simplified form of the traditional Yang Style 108 posture long form made famous by his teacher Yang Chen Fu.

The Simplified 37 Posture Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan as taught by Cheng Man-Ch’ing does not mean easier. It was simplified in its length and complexity but not the quality or difficulty of the postures.

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