Building Strength, Stamina, and Balance

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to make Tai Chi accessible and affordable to everybody regardless of limitations or income in a safe professional environment.

Who We Are:

Tai Chi for Everybody of Fresno is an all-inclusive center teaching the fundamental principles of Tai Chi.

We are committed to making this practice accessible to everybody regardless of limitations or income.

We have a non-competitive supportive atmosphere with the emphasis on safety and overall well-being in a professional class setting.

David Ortiz is a certified instructor in Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health and Prof. Cheng Man-Ch’ing Yang style short form of Tai Chi Chuan. At Tai Chi for Everybody Fresno, David has committed himself to making Tai Chi accessible to everybody David has a deep commitment to everyone in his community; his classes daily at his studio have branched out to the community at large. David takes his classes to four senior living facilities weekly, giving seniors access without them having to commute to participate. David also works with one special needs group weekly as part of his goal of accessibility for everybody.


“My goal is to restrengthen our senior community to improve their quality of life.”

Contact us:

559 903-5658

4832 N. First #103 Fresno CA 93726