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In 1982, a new Canadian Constitution came into effect, defining a new vision for Canada and for Canadians. Through this educational supplement to Supreme Law, explore the history and legacy of that pivotal event, and what it means for Canadians today.

Who does Canada belong to?

Whose values and beliefs become law, and how? Who benefits from those laws, and who doesn't? Who has power, and what kind of power do they have? How did Canadians claim the Constitution from the British?

Why is it difficult for politicians to solve problems?

Examine a real-world example of political change, and consider why change is easier said than done.

Do I fit in Canada?

Do we have the freedom to be ourselves? Are our traditions respected? What rights do individuals have in Canada? Where do those rights come from?

Is Canada a just society?

Pierre Elliott Trudeau famously said, "Canada must be a just society." What does it mean for a society to be "just"? Does the Constitution – one of Trudeau's defining acts as Prime Minister – live up to the ideal?