Sunny Films Projects are Exceptional Concepts

Bringing forth fantastic elements, and deeper meaning of life and existence

Special Idiosyncratic Elements

These film-projects are for a world-wide audience, most for all ages

Intense and Fascinating

Involving twisting perceptions of reality, existence, and life

Altered Worlds and Dimensions

Light from Darkness, Unseen Veiled Worlds

Psychological Worlds Beyond the Human Imagination

Twisted Imagination and Delusions, Alien, Demons and Other Worlds

Film-Industry Inquiry for these Film Projects

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Enter the World of Sunny Films

The Visual Odyssey Begins

The Eclipse of Darkness


A Dark Hypnotic Demonic World is Controlling the Human Race

They been here since the Foundations of the World.

One man is taken to the Edge of Sanity

Tormenting Dreams Traumatic Visions Strange Signs and Omens

To Unveil their Dark World

Taking us Beyond the Reality we Perceive

In-between the Forces of Light and Darkness.

In a Psychological Battle to unveil

their Hidden World of Darkness

Where they are Preparing for their Cataclysmic Arrival upon earth.

Are the Demons


Controlling and Observing us since the beginning of the World

The Eclipse of Darkness

Unveiling the Paradox of Genesis

within Evolution

Where our human souls entered evolution

The Mystery of Life Unveiled

Split Worlds Demonic Mind-Projections Unseen Voices Apocalyptic

The Eclipse of Darkness Story Audio Pitch coming soon ---->

What happens within the Eclipse?

One man and the whole world will find out

The Kinetic Fields


Traveling Beyond Telekinetic Powers,

into Realms Beyond Belief

into Fields where the Human Mind shall Expand into new dimensions

yet one man must overcome the dark diabolic world chasing him in multiple-dimensions of reality

Text me. From Hell


The Transfiguration of Sarah Wellsley

From her Past Taunting

and Terrifying Dark Life.

A Woman's Traumatic

Struggle within a Dark

Psychological Split from Reality

Text me from Hell

The Transfiguration of Sarah Wellsley

Psychotic, Insane, Disturbing

A Producers Dream, Low Budget

Deep Poverty


A Wealthy Man and his Daughter enter world-poverty.

Taken into a Twisted Alien-Purgatory on Earth and Beyond

Where Flesh and Soul are Separated and Trapped

Traveling into Multi-Dimensional Worlds Faster than Light-Speed



Evolving Technology has taken us into the greatest enlightenment's of humanity.

After all our technological fascinations,

from TV’s, Cell Phones, Computers, Internet and Virtual Reality Glasses.

Now comes a new face shield display monitor (or TV-Heads)

with special visions to see outwards and deeper into space

and into strange atomic quantum worlds.

Where a living virus emerges

(The Daisy Mind-Eater)

It's absorbing minds

to wipe out all humanity.

Has humanity fallen to a god of the quantum world?

Meet the Daisy Mind-Eater at a theater near you!

Parallel Worlds Dark Energy

The Lawbots

The Lawbots


A Futuristic Controlled Hellish Inner-World

has been Built within the Earth.

An Experimental World Prison

The only Escape is Above

into a Futuristic Alien World.

Controlled by The Lawbots



The Charlatan

Down and out of luck, Oliver Swindle finds a somewhat life of success

Comedy Funny


Life Altering Twist

Ice-Cream Truck Driver Comedian, Magician TV-Court Judge

even a Psychologist

until all his wild worlds unravel

That's only the beginning of what is really taking place.


Low Budget 99 pages

Serious Psychological Comedy

Something in the Forest

Something in the Forest

A Short Screenplay

The Wild and Surreal Forest

Three Young Brothers are warned by their mother Marla

not to enter the forest.

Yet they do. Entering into a strange journey

as they meet Mr Raster, a Strange Mysterious Character

a shape changer, living in the dark woods.

And they also meet Sparla, a witch

made by a demon

Low Budget 13 pages

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Paperback Books

The Eclipse of Darkness

in paperback, a special edition.

See book stores or Amazon

The Mental Hemispheres

The Strange & Surreal Worlds of Mental Imagery

Manipulated Computer Art.

A collectors edition.

See book stores or Amazon

The Strange and Bizarre Worlds of SunnyFilms.World

Taking fiction to the edge of non-fiction and beyond

These pictures may seem sort of dark, and the scripts do have to portray

scattered scenes into other worlds, but as Star Wars does.

Top of this website is: Screenplay Contest

It list 3 reviews of other screenwriter competitors of The Eclipse of Darkness.

This story truly is in-between the worlds of light and darkness, where the world

of light guides a man (and the whole world) to see the darkness which blinds humanity

and caused The Fall of Man in Genesis, and it continues today in modern times.

What the 3 reviews are, is what they read and shared their reviews, I do not think

of it as dark, rather it is of enlightening, and mystifying.


The script which real goes into psychological darkness is

Text me from Hell.

The Transformation of Sarah Wellsley.

Deep Poverty

simply portrays a wealthy man and his daughter who lived

life millions of years ago, and have no idea they are dead,

Reliving a life in poverty within an Alien Purgatory, which is more of a psychological Sci-Fi connection,

of mind-travel and redemption of the soul.


is a comedy, and serious story

(written for a Bill Murray, Jim Carrey, or type).

An Ice cream man driver gets water balloons thrown at him, he also performs a Comic / Magician show, and a TV show Judge, and Psychiatrist, with twists and turns wild and funny, but it also has a backdrop behind the story into a serious nature of life and death.

The Kinetic Fields

is a science fiction about a man who has the ability to travel body and mind into other worlds, being chased and pulled out of these surreal realms of advance mind-expanding powers, by cultic evil doctors to gain his powers, as these worlds cross into our world.


is science fiction which takes us into the future

of technology with our minds becoming attached, it begins

controlling us, taking over our minds like a hypnotic trance.

The Lawbots

is a futuristic experimental Inner-Earth prison

controlling and testing humanity, with a corrupt court system,

with a small team who escape out and above to a Futuristic Alien-Earth.

Approx. Pages per Screenplay

Eclipse of Darkness 120ish

The Kinetic Fields 120

Text me. From Hell 95

Deep Poverty 107

The Lawbots 120

TV-Heads 90ish

Cracking 99 pages

Something in the Forrest 13

All screenplays listed are easily created to add or subtract pages

These were written, budget-minded, yet as movies which are so fascinating

as nothing seen before, that viewers will come back for the visual thrill.

See top of page for more screenplays & Best Picture

for budget and details of each project


what is sunny films?

Bringing forth the fantastic elements, and deeper meaning of life and existence.

By confliction of the soul, tearing through light and darkness, to show the world a better way.

To remove our blinders from the reality we perceive, lifting the mind to see beyond this world.