Best Picture


All the Scenes within the scripts add to page length and the exception is many scenes are recalled, retold to keep direction easier to follow, and total pages may may very much lower due to the complexity of each story and thus reduction of pages and cost should be taken into consideration.

Deeper Meaning and Message of these stories

The Eclipse of Darkness

Why must we all die?

Did we do something prior to this life?

Did we deny God within the Genesis Garden?

Why was there a devil in Genesis?

What was Genesis?

Did our souls exist prior to Genesis?

The first ever attempt to explain what happened in Genesis and into our modern world.

The Kinetic Fields

What is the human mind?

Is there a way to overcome our humanity and flesh?

Is there an antichrist?


What is humanity?

Why is there Inhumanity?

Where does it come from?

Why is there obsession?

The Transfiguration of Sarah Wellsley

What is happening to humanity?

Are we in our minds falling to an unknown darkness?

Deep Poverty

Is there really a purgatory?