The Eclipse of Darkness

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"The Eclipse of Darkness"

Listed Review 1

WOW! This is the most original screenplay I have read on Zoetrope thus far.

It is very visual and it flows perfectly. I get a great sense of surroundings

and it almost reminds me of a philosophical movie like Waking Life combined

with 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I so badly want to see this produced, that I almost wonder if there is anyone

out there who would be willing to spend such a huge budget. It has HUGE budget

written all over it.

It combines just the right elements of drama and intrigue. I often think about

souls and death a lot myself, so it was nice to see a work from someone like that.

I can tell that you put a lot of thought and effort into your screenplay.

It definitely shines through. I can also tell that you have been writing for

quite some time...if not your whole life.

It is very rare that you find such a screenplay that is so incredibly visual

and complex at the same time.

Keep on writing and I would love to see what you come up with in the near future.

As an aspiring screenwriter, this definitely adds some elements for me to think about in my writing.

Your transitions are great, your characters vibrant and your plot original.

Review by: Shannon Elizabeth Barry

"The Eclipse of Darkness"

Listed Review 2

Your log line is right on the money, this is indeed a visual mental battle

with the Apocalypse...

your descriptions, especially in the opening scene really help to set the

mood and tone for what is to come.

Thankfully, with digital effects today, it will be easy to create such a world in space.

This really reminds me of the epic fantasy movies of the '70s and '80s, like Krull,

Clash of the Titans, Sword & Sorcery, and The Ice Pirates. Everything is larger than life

and the philosophical elements are very deep.

This re-telling of Genesis is brilliant! Most people won't get it, I'm sure, but to tackle

such a forbidden subject is pretty brave. I also find it amazing you were able to keep this

very detailed world under control. So many characters, planets, and vehicles...

The dialogue is tight and very conversational. Sometimes people tend to write flowery dialogue

for the sake of being the next Tarantino. Obviously, the epic dialogue of the DEITY is appropriate.

The transition from this epic story to the daily life of Samuel is great. His final demise

(I think) is very grim, which I like. Definitely not a Hollywood ending. Thanks for having

the courage to write such a story. Review by: Jonathan Wilkins

"The Eclipse of Darkness"

Listed Review 3

The Eclipse of Darkness reads like a stunning sci-fiction,

a very ambitious script indeed, with widely varying scene settings,

costumes, and characters. The visual descriptions are dazzling,

and the scheme is meaningful. No doubt the script is quite an accomplishment.

This review by Lee Liu