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EM Virtual Playground

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Advisor: Dr. Su Yan,

Graduate Assistant: Minyechil Mekonnen,

  • Project Description:

The goal of this project is to design and implement an Electromagnetic (EM) Virtual Playground which visualizes the generation, propagation, and interaction of EM waves with environments. With Python implementations, the Playground will have a foreground --- the graphic user interface (GUI), in which users can set up a virtual experiment and visualize the physical results, and a background --- the engine, where the scientific computing takes place to carry out the experiment numerically. Upon completion of this project, the delivered EM Playground will enable students to conduct virtual experiments with different experimental setups, such as different sources, materials, and geometries, and perform simulations to monitor and visualize the process of EM phenomena such as antenna radiation, wave scattering and diffraction. More advanced features, including a multiphysics component, an online/mobile demo tool, and high-performance computing features, will be integrated into the Playground in the next few years.

Olaide R. Afolabi, Faith T. Adegbenro, Nana-Akua Ofosu, Oluwatamilor E. Ogunbanjo, and Javid Mitchell

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In the following majors (but not limited to): EE, CpE, CS, MATH

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