Acquisition Drives Jewelry Elites in South Korea to -- Stretch -- the new possibilities in to body jewelry 

Worldwide recognized gem grading expert resource has joined the body piercing expert panel, now joining forces to boost capabilities with our guide while expanding into the South Korean market.  

We are so pleased to announce the website URL now also points to the Piercing Stretching Guide Webpages  and this is just the start in the new collaboration.

Seoul residents and now South Korean jewelry aficionados, in general, now have access to more US lifestyle brands and piercing stretching resources.  We're grateful for the opportunity to grow together.

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To help our friends interested in learning more about what the Piercing Stretching Guide provides, below is an overview for how we can help you if you were a regular visitor on

We're excited to announce the news, too.  We look forward to meeting many of you in the near future for our future events.