Acquisition Welcomes Opalite Fans -- and those favoring Opal -- to Body Jewelry for Stretched Piercings

Recognized worldwide as one of the leaders in manufacturing synthetic opalite jewelry, Opalite Jewelry and team, have joined up to spear a new line of body jewelry products for R&D along with additional offerings for the marketplace.

To cement this deal in stone, now redirects users to the Piercing Stretching 101 Guide, and we're happy to welcome our new friends.  The collaboration will unfold starting next month, however, plans for initial offerings by the two have been in the works for months.

To help fans of Opalite Jewelry better get acquainted with the new offerings, we want to first point you to what might be more relevant for you on the guide website:

We're excited to announce the news, too.  We look forward to meeting many of you in the near future for our future events.  We welcome you to the Guide!