Becoming Myself

Becoming Myself, written by Rose Estrada, is the first manga by StoryBook Productions.

It tells the story of when Rose discovered she was transgender and the journey she went through in order to be able to finally be herself. This auto-biographical work explores the feelings of dysphoria most transgender people feel, as well as the challenges that Rose had to face in the form of unjust laws, societal distrust, a lack of information, and opposition from her family. While no two experiences are the same, this work hopes to be relatable to those who find themselves where Rose was in 2007, thus providing understanding, hope, and the hard-won wisdom and lessons that can only be found in one's life experience.

status: pre-production

While the first two chapters are written, we are still working on writing the rest of the story. The first chapter has been completely sketched and laid out, with the second chapter soon to follow.

Our Lead Artist is working on familiarizing herself with the project and is sketching the character in preparation to begin work on the project, which will bring us into full production status.

I am also creating a trailer to drum up interest for this project. I have so far completed the narration and the music for it. My brother will be mixing it, and I will be filming and editing the video afterwards.

We are hoping to finish the manga within a one-year period once the project enters the production phase, at which point we will be looking for either a publisher or for self-publishing options and a distribution deal.


Chapter 1 Sketches

Chapter 1 (Sketches):

As we are in the Pre-Production stages, we do not have any finished pages to show you yet. However, as this is our first work, I wanted to have something to drum up interest. Therefore, I am releasing the storyboards/sketches to the first chapter in their rough, incomplete state.

I preface this by saying that I, not the lead artist, did the sketches and that these were only to give an idea as to how this story should be told, but I still hope you enjoy this while we work on bringing you a polished product in the future.

Oh, and feel free to share the preview with your friends and family. We would find that very helpful.

Thank you for your time,

-Rose Estrada