BuildWorks Canada

BuildWorks is Canada’s top procurement and business development platform for the construction industry. Administered by Construction Association staff, our cross-provincial platform increases project visibility, resulting in easier access to upcoming opportunities, as well as more competitive prices from trusted and reliable contractors, consultants, and suppliers.


Often referred to as ‘the plan room,’ as a nod to the days we used to house physical copies of drawings at the construction associations, BuildWorks is vital to any construction firm’s business practice by contributing to the efficiency of the tendering process and serving as a central hub for infrastructure opportunities for companies of any size.

The construction industry relies on BuildWorks services as a central hub for access to construction opportunities in Saskatchewan. Construction Association staff work diligently to collect all active construction related tenders across Saskatchewan, making tendering information easily accessible for general contractors, trades, suppliers, architects, and engineers. The platform offers customizable settings to make sure you are notified of any opportunity that matches your company’s capabilities. BuildWorks saves construction and consultant companies valuable resources by providing tender information in one place, rather than scouring various procurement websites and unrelated tender opportunities.



BuildWorks offers pre-tender information on projects through the ‘PreBid’ service. The PreBid service provides the construction industry with the latest information on upcoming construction opportunities in Saskatchewan. Also administered by the Construction Association staff, project research is conducted continuously to find new opportunities that have not yet come to market. PreBid Research continues to collect information on projects that are already being tracked to keep you up to date on all pre-tender activities. The priority information that is communicated to the construction industry focuses on project details, scope, value, and timelines. This allows companies to actively plan for upcoming tendering activities and opportunities. The PreBid service also offers an avenue for owners, engineers, and architects to directly update the industry on upcoming project and tendering activities.

As a project progresses through preliminary stages, information is gathered by association staff liaising with project owners, contacts, and consultants. The Construction Association has regular meetings with architecture firms to discuss upcoming projects and tendering schedules. For more information on upcoming projects in your area, please contact


Lows & Awards

Construction Association staff are consistently working to gather tender results making BuildWorks the quickest and most reliable source for tender lows and awards. BuildWorks admin follow up with tendering authorities on a regular basis for the release of this information. Contact your local construction association for information or the status of closed tenders.

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