Our Logo

At an early board meeting of the Stone Soup Institute board members were discussing a logo that would represent our school. Coleman Pulsifer drew what is currently our logo and asked how we liked the concept for a beginning. As subsequent meetings came along and the topic was revisited we began to see that the symbolism was perfect just as it was. Though it had no conscious symbolic meaning when he drew it we realized that the circle was symbolic of a complete process; the outer circle divided into four parts was the four seasons of study, each of which is divided into three parts. The space within the circle was symbolic of the great void from which inspiration and creativity spring forth. It is also unencumbered enough to be individually interpreted on as many levels as school participants care to take it.

Rolf Hamacher (a European member of the board) laid out the different "stone-designs" in Harpswell, Maine, where the school is located.