Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

The core curriculum consists of six global areas of study, which include a mandatory number of Essential Education hours and Independent Study Projects driven by student interest.

Areas of Study:

  1. Animal Husbandry (AH)
  2. Building (BU)
  3. Crafts (CR)
  4. Fiber & Textile (FT)
  5. Fine Arts (FA)
  6. Gardening & Crops (GC)
  7. Marketing & Accounting (MA)
  8. Silviculture/Forestry Management (SI)


Essential Education includes participation in the daily maintenance of the farm involving working up firewood, animal care and barn chores, garden care and household responsibilities.

Positive Practice is the mandatory practicing and refining of skills learned in the previous class(es) (i.e., homework).

Independent Study is the opportunity to further explore areas of interest as determined by a collaborative effort between instructor and student. Each independent study will produce a project record to evaluate student progress.

Advanced Course Offerings is the opportunity after the completion of the sustainable living program curriculum to further refine skills by teaching and leading projects for current students. Available to one student per global area per year.