Board of Directors

Jim Cornish

President, Stone Soup Institute

Logging and Farming Instructor

Jim Cornish was raised on a dairy farm in Bowdoin, Maine. One of 10 children, he has worked at a variety of occupations. He was a carpenter for six years, three of which he ran his own business. He has been logging with horses for 24 years and farming with them for five. Jim is well read and possesses an education gleaned from a unique perspective and varied experiences.

Madelyn Cornish

Administrative Assistant, Stone Soup Institute

Human Relations and Technology Support

Madelyn "Maddy" Russell Cornish is a Maine native. Her mother was born in Machias, Maine where she lived on the family homestead that encompassed over 300 acres of blueberry land. Maddy comes from a long line of outdoors men and women. Her father was born in Lisbon Falls, Maine where the Russell Farmland was established 3 generations before. She grew up in Lisbon, Maine, graduated from Lisbon High School, and attended the University of Maine at Farmington where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. She continued her education during her first teaching assignment and earned a Master's Degree from the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine. In 2010, Maddy traveled to Japan with 23 other New England teachers on an Educational Tour supported by the Five Colleges, Amherst, MA. She has been a teacher for more than 30 years teaching Literacy, Social Studies, and U.S. History at the Middle School Level. She is a Maine certified K-12 teacher as well as a Maine certified Adult Education teacher.

Brennan Gee

Board Member

Rolf Hamacher

Board Member Profile

Rolf Hamacher was born in Opladen, Federal Republic of Germany. He has been teaching Art, Art History and Science of Education at the Grafschafter Gymnasium in Moers, a little town at the edge of the former industrial zone, which is known as the Ruhrgebiet, for the last 25 years.

He bought a house together with his American friend Prof. Dr. Eric Johnson on the peninsula of Harpswell, ME in 1994 and lives there occasionally.

From 1999 to 2000 he spent a sabbatical on the Hawaiian Island of Maui and worked with art students, teachers and artists.

From 1969 to 1975 he successfully completed a full course of study at the Art Academy Düsseldorf, where he was originally supervised by Prof. Joseph Beuys and at the end by Prof. Andre Thomkins. He received the degree of Meisteschüler (master student) which is the highest achievement in the visual arts and is equivalent to a Master of Fine Arts degree in the U.S. system.

“Everyone is an artist, everyone can be creative.“ ~ Joseph Beuys

My teaching has always tried to emphasize the important role of art in the development of the individual and the society. Creativity is the gift, which enables humans to solve the problems of living together peacefully in harmony with nature and makes our dreams become real. In this direction I have continually attempted to go beyond the instruction of basic artistic skills, to strive toward developing more socially creative processes, in which the participants could extend their perceptions, consciousness, and techniques in various and comprehensive forms of communication. These goals were especially realized in different performances, exhibits, and murals, which I worked on together with my students. Each of my "artworks" has been developed in cooperation with my students, a method which has helped to enhance their originality and encouraged them to be participants in the creative process. The projects have been shaped and directed by their suggestions, realized together with them, and in the end have become artworks which represent the product of a social and democratic creative process.

Ron Golz

Vice President, Stone Soup Institute

Board Member Profile

A graduate of Bowdoin College, Ron began his business career with Bell Atlantic in 1956 in Philadelphia. In 1965, he joined IBM in Wilmington, Delaware and spent nine years in Marketing and Marketing Management. While at IBM he won numerous awards for outstanding sales achievement and sales management. After a brief time on Wall Street with ADP, Ron joined State Street Bank in Boston in 1974. During his 15 year career with State Street, Ron held a number of senior management positions culminating in his election as Executive Vice President in 1982 and a member of The Chairman's Office.

Ron is widely recognized as an energetic, creative executive who played a prominent role in the creation of Custody and Asset Management services for State Street worldwide. In 1975, he developed State Street's Master Trust product and in 1981 their Global Custody service. Under his leadership State Street's assets under custody grew from $17.0 billion to over $500.0 billion and assets under management grew from $400.0 million to over $40.0 billion. Today State Street is recognized as the largest master trustee in the United States and a leader in global custody and investment management worldwide. When Ron decided to retire early in 1989 he was responsible for over 2,000 people in six countries all working in institutional pension-related business that he had created.

He has served as a Director of The Credit Network, the Boston Stock Exchange, North Cumberland County Hospital, Christmas In The City, The New England - Australian Business Council, Risk Averse Money Managers (Australia), and Human Resources and Income Security in China at The Sloan School.

Bernd Heinrich

Board Member Profile

Bernd is currently Professor Emeritus at the University of Vermont teaching Winter Ecology and doing research with ravens. A world renowned scholar and educator Bernd attended the University of Maine and received his Ph.D. at UCLA. A prolific writer, Bernd is the author of numerous books and articles dealing with a wide variety of environmental topics. He has received many honorary degrees and was both a Guggenheim and Harvard Fellow.

Christoph Herrmann

Board Member Profile

Christoph Herrmann is a self-employed director of documentary and feature films. He was educated at the Folwang School, Essen, Germany. In the 1980s he helped to establish and build a Waldorf School in Haan, Germany. Christoph has directed several cultural and documentary features for Germand and European television, and is currently filming the building of Stone Soup Institute's workshop and other projects undertaken by the Insititute.

Radovan Matijek

Board Member Profile

Radovan Matijek is a graduate of the Art College of Higher Education in Split, Croatia, and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpting from the Art Academy of Zagreb. In addition, he has studied dance and performance art at the Dance School Ljubljana with Susanne Linke, Jose Ferez, and Sabine Seume, and at the Moving Academy of Performing Art, Amsterdam. Radovan lives and works in Krefeld, Federal Republic of Germany, and has been involved with Stone Soup Institute since 2003, when he made his first visit to Harpswell, Maine, with Rolf Hamacher.