Core Values & Beliefs

Our values are underpinned by our principles of quality, perseverance and success. As this is a Catholic school there are many Christian values we uphold and consider to be important.

 Faith - Whakapono

The banner over this school is one of love and

belief in Jesus Christ and the practices of the

Catholic Church.

 Respect - Whakaute

We value ourselves. We value others. We value

our school and our environment. We show

respect by speaking and acting with courtesy.

 Integrity/Honour - Pononga/Hōnore

We are honest. We are truthful. We do the right

things. Integrity gives us self respect and peaceful


 Care/Love - Aroha

We look after ourselves, others and our eco

environment. The well-being of others is

important to us all and we take an active role

within this community to support causes, as well

as in the New Zealand and world mission

community, as supporters and fundraisers.

“Faith, Hope and Love” is the motto on the school logo, designed by ex-student Hotu Frew.