Placements and Training

Training Opportunities

Early Career Researchers who are members of the CDN can apply to attend training modules at the University of Liverpool, in topics relevant to cancer diagnosis. The modules are part of the MSc Medical Physics and MSc Bioinformatics programmes and will not be credit bearing. PhD students and researchers who have completed their PhD within the last 5 years are eligible to apply. If funding for accomodation and travel is required, please also complete a separate travel award application form. Please note that applications must be submitted to the CDN Project Manager at least 1 month before the chosen module takes place (or at least 2 months if travel funding is also requested). The modules available for 2019-2020 are:

  • PHYS865 (Bioinformatics) Databases and Data Mining 7/10/19-11/10/19
  • PHYS871 (Medical Physics) Clinical Imaging Applications 4/11/19-8/11/19
  • PHYS862 (Medical Physics) Medical Statistics and Experimental Design 9/12/19-11/12/19
  • PHYS863 (Bioinformatics) Networking and Hosting 13/01/20-17/01/20
  • PHYS860 (Medical Physics) Medical Information Technology 3/1/20-7/1/20
  • PHYS861 (Medical Physics) Nuclear Medicine 17/2/20-21/2/20
  • PHYS870 (Medical Physics) Imaging with Non-Ionising Radiation 2/3/20-6/3/20
  • PHYS866 (Bioinformatics) Software Techniques and Modelling 2/3/20-6/3/20
  • PHYS867 (Medical Physics) Diagnostic Radiology 14/4/20-18/4/20

Details of each module can be found here. For further information, please contact our Training Lead, Dr Helen Boston

Placement Opportunities

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