STFC Cancer Diagnosis Network+

Welcome to the STFC Cancer Diagnosis Network+

The STFC Cancer Diagnosis Network+ (CDN) is a multidisciplinary community with academic, clinical and industry members aiming to collaboratively address clinical challenges in the diagnosis of cancer. The Network+ is built upon four themes:

  1. Early diagnosis
  2. Precision and quantitative imaging
  3. Multimodal techniques
  4. Data science techniques applied to imaging and bioinformatics

The CDN ultimately seeks to enable researchers with expertise and knowledge developed through the STFC core science programmes and at STFC national facilities and laboratories to address one of the most important societal and economic global challenges of this century. The CDN therefore hosts multidisciplinary challenge led workshops and provides funding for scoping studies, proof of concept projects and PhD studentships to translate STFC innovations into clinical impact. There are also opportunities for Early Career Researchers to apply for travel awards to attend conferences and events, placements and MSc level training in medical physics and bioinformatics.


The launch event of the STFC Cancer Diagnosis Network+ will take place at the University of Liverpool, 9th September 2019. Find out more about the event here.