Welcome to my tiny camper site. on this site you'll find different types of tiny campers built by me and my family. Sorry, I do not have the plans nor am I willing to build a camper for anyone else but me. You are welcome browse each camper with the hopes that it will inspire you to create a tiny camper of your own and enjoy traveling the open road.

TINY TRAILER - Introducing our very first attempt at a camper. it was very small and compact for the three of us. It is based on a Tractor Supply Company 4 X 6 utility trailer and measured 67″ X 84″. Since this was the first camper, we totally overbuilt using dimensional lumber and plywood. It featured 1/2 plywood for the sides and roof construction, 2×4 studs, and nails and screws to hold it together. Sorry I do not have any more pictures other that what is on this page.

WEEKENDER - When I did the concept drawings I was thinking of using 1/ 2 ply. This is what I used on the Tiny trailer build and it was overkill to the max. The trailer was extremely heavy. I used full dimension lumber (full 1X4 s, 2X8 s etc,) before I realized that half dimensions would work just as well. So came the Weekender build. The dimension of the weekend is such that only two seams need to addressed (the floor and the top). The sides are 8’ foot and 6’, so the sides are well with the dimensions of a 4X8 sheet of plywood and seams between the panels are kept to a minimum.

WEEKENDER II - This is our third build. We wanted a door on the passenger side rather than the rear and needed more floor area. If we needed to sleep four people – now we can – two on the bed and two on the floor (and depending on how you configure the interior – even five, but you better be good friends!) This new design will have angled front and lower rear panels and be based upon a 4’x 8′ utility trailer with no flooring purchased from Tractor Supply Company. The Weekender II is two feet longer than the original with the bed (queen size) now in the rear. Again the same criteria will be followed: would fit on the trailer, light weight, carry all our gear, sleep the three of us (with the capacity for one more – total of four), and built on a budget. We hope this design will inspire others.

GREEN LANTERN - a tiny camper based on Coleman lantern theme. Very lightweight

LADYBUG - This is an adaptation of Mike’s Winter Warrior with inspiration from Rayvillian’s (Gary & Trudy) weekend warrior . It is based on A TSC 4X8 No floor trailer frame, 76″ wide and 120 ” inches long with a headroom of 74″ from the floor when the hatch is fully extended

TEXAS TRAILER - Here we go for #6. I’m taking the best features of all previous builds and incorporating them into this one. This build will be wider than the other – extending out to seven feet wide and 11 feet long. It will have a tongue box and a few extra goodies to be revealed later. I’m also trying to be light weight as well – we’ll see in the end how well I did. (BTW – the trailer is rated at 2000 lbs) I’ll be using the 5mm, 1 inch foam, 5mm sandwich construction with fiberglassed seams and polyester resin coated.