Boldenone is one of the safest and best injectable anabolic steroids for building lean muscle mass.

This steroid is also known under such a commercial name as "Equipoise" ("Equipoise"). Boldenone steroid is also ranked among the group of the most “clean” steroids, which means excellent susceptibility and tolerance by the body with minimal risk of any adverse reactions during the course.

Boldenone (Equipoise) is also a long-acting steroid. In other words, it does not require frequent injections. This is largely due to the long ester chain, which characterizes the ester "undesylenate" (undecylenate or "udecylenate"). The short esters "propionate" and "acetate" are extremely rarely used, but it is hardly possible to find them on sale.

Steroid Profile

Boldenone was developed in an attempt to create a long-acting methandienone. In fact, this led to the creation of a separate steroid with a complex of its unique advantages. Structurally, it is a testosterone molecule that has a double bond between the 1st and 2nd carbon atom.

In terms of the steroid profile, equipoise boldenone is characterized by 100% anabolic activity of “pure” testosterone, and half as pronounced androgenic activity (50% of testosterone, respectively). It is non-toxic to the liver, and does not undergo the aromatization process (does not convert to estrogens). Moreover, experienced athletes claim that when combined with testosterone or Sustanon, he is even able to some extent to suppress the conversion of the latter.

The described steroid, along with Oxandrolone and Primobolan, is one of the few AACs that can be used, including by women (mainly professional athletes).

Pharmacom Laboratories, a well-known manufacturer of sports pharmacology in the sports community, has even released a special combined steroid drug aimed at a high-quality set of muscle mass Pharma-Mix-1, which includes boldenone bodybuilding and testosterone.

Unique properties and other advantages of Boldenone

  • provides not the most rapid, but, of course, high-quality growth of "dry" muscles;

  • minimally retains water in the body and is characterized by a mild phenomenon of post-course rollback;

  • significantly increases strength and increases appetite more than any other AAC;

  • promotes the burning of subcutaneous fat and the formation of venous visibility;

  • is one of the most powerful steroids in terms of its ability to increase endurance (provides pronounced erythropoiesis);

  • does not convert to estrogen, does not affect liver function and minimally affects libido (sexual activity);

  • has moderate antiestrogenic activity;

  • characterized by excellent tolerance and a very low incidence of any complications and "side effects";

  • can be used in female bodybuilding.

The use of Boldenone

Steroid "Boldenone" is optimal for beginners who want to build muscle mass, and who are not afraid of injections. This is not the steroid that will give extreme mass growth, but for the "first course", this is really a very worthy option that will allow you to evaluate, perhaps not all, but the lion's share of the advantages of training with pharmacological support, so for sure. Athletes and representatives of other sports disciplines value Equipoise for its ability to increase endurance, strength and low frequency of various kinds of adverse reactions.

Dosages and cycle times

"Bold" (slang name) is "gaining momentum" for a very long time and reveals its steroid potential. The duration of action of one injection is about 3 weeks, and the half-life is about 2 weeks. But, despite this, injections during the cycle should be performed at intervals of one week. The standard "solo" course can be carried out for 8-10 weeks. Perform one injection every 7 days in the dose range of 400-800mg each.

Post cycle therapy

For post-cycle therapy, standard anti-estrogenic drugs - Clomid and Tamoxifen - are suitable. It is advisable to start it 2-3 weeks after the final injection of "Bold" and continue for 3 weeks. Clomid is taken at a dosage of 100-50-25mg daily (first, second, third week, respectively). Tamoxifen 30-20-10 mg per day (1-2-3 weeks, respectively).

Combinations with other AACs

It is most optimal to combine Boldenone with testosterone esters, however, it will also work well when combined with growth hormones, Masteron, Primobolan, Winstrol (Stanozolol), Oxandrolone, Deca and trenbolones.