STEMulate Tutoring

About STEMulate Tutoring

STEMulate specializes in tutoring for the science and math portions of the ACT. Tutoring is offered through one-on-one sessions and/or group sessions. 

Test-taking strategies and timing are focused on through the completion of previous ACT tests. Current statistics are showing, though not guaranteed, that my students' ACT scores on average increase by 2 to 5 points. Some students have even seen an 8 to 12 point increase over an extended weekly tutoring schedule.

*Tutoring is also available for all K-12 math classes as well as some introductory college math courses

Upcoming ACT Test Dates

In order to take the ACT you must register at Below I have provided the 2022-2023 test dates and deadlines for registering. Make sure you register well in advance of the deadline to ensure your spot at a certified test location. If registered early enough it is possible for a student to test at their own school. Testing at one's own school has cut down on testing anxiety, so register early!