Words from the author:

I would like to thank...

  • My parents, obviously, for not only simply keeping me alive, but also supporting me and editing my story
  • Story Monster, for being patient with me and also finding mistakes in my work that neither me nor my parents found. Special thanks go to Conrad J. Storad, Linda Radke, Patti Crane, Cristy Bertini and Sarah Laroche
  • My best friend Kseniya, for allowing me to create Amethyst, a character loosely based on her (and just for being an awesome friend, in general)
  • David Li and Nancy West, for finding the time in their busy schedule to review my book
  • Lilac Shi, for drawing the original cover of "A Butterfly Universe", even though it wasn't used in the final version (she is an amazing artist!)

Original cover by Lilac Shi