Fun Facts About The Book

Fact 1#: The author learned about most of the gemstones mentioned in the book from the TV show, "Steven Universe".

Fact 2#: The book's premise was pretty much created after the author took a look outside and wondered why her tree only grew three flowers in the spring (they wilted very quickly as well) , as the tree grew many flowers every year. The next year, the tree was normal once again.

Fact 3#: Because the author's name means "butterfly", she thought it was only reasonable to use that insect for the book.

Fact 4#: The book was actually supposed to be a practice book: the author was planning to work on the book in order to gain experience and get better at writing, and then move on to publish other books.

Fact 5#: Originally, the book was supposed to be about the main characters saving the blossom tree that led them to the Butterfly Universe, but the author decided that this was way too boring, and didn't leave much room for a story, as she couldn't think of much to write in between the beginning and the ending (where the blossom tree was saved).

Fact 6#: At some point, the author planned for Headmistress Morpholtina to introduce Amber and Amethyst to her father and two brothers, and it would be revealed that because Headmistress Morpholtina was a female Morpho butterfly, she got the last name "Morpholtina" (for some absurd reason, the author decided she wanted a more "feminine" last name for the character, and the last name kinda stuck), while her brothers and father got the name "Morpho". However, this didn't seem to add much to the story, so the author got rid of this part.

Fact 7#: During one winter vacation when the author was working on the first draft of the book, she suddenly got a spark of creativity, and started writing a lot each day while her family and friends looked on in slight concern.

Fact 8#: When the book was still being planned out, the author, being a weird 10 year old, wanted to make a dramatic book title, and so she decided on "A Butterfly Universe" (even though "The Butterfly Universe" would probably make a lot more sense).