Usually you have the date and time of your choice.

We can arrange the flowers in the church for you at a charge.

A Professional Organist is available - and you may use your own musicians if you prefer.

First contact the Parish Priest or Deacon.

All couples have to attend a marriage preparation course.

This is a course run not by a priest which covers both the practical as well as spiritual aspects of marriage

The course is ran either locally or by Catholic Marriage Care.

After the course, there is a session with the priest or deacon who will conduct the wedding, part of which is to complete formal paperwork.


You will require the following prior to the wedding day :-

Birth certificates, Baptismal certificates*, for catholics a "Letter of Freedom to marry" from your parish priest, if confirmed - proof of confirmation and from the registrar - Marriage Certificates/Licences.

*These must be issued no more than six months before the date of the wedding

The Roman Catholic Church may only celebrate weddings:

Between a man and a woman.

When one of the couple is a Baptised Catholic and where both are free to marry.

The rules regarding divorcees are that they may not marry in a Catholic Church unless:

The former partner is no longer living or

An Annullment has been granted by the Catholic Church.

For parishoners wishing to marry in the Catholic Church in another country please contact Father Paul.