Your first contact may be with a Funeral Director,

but in the sad event of someone dying,

please contact a member of the parish clergy as soon as possible.

Funeral Directors cannot arrange dates and times without contacting the parish first .

Only the parish clergy are aware of any other St. Ambrose Barlow parish commitments.

Please be aware

The Catholic Church only administers the "Last Rites" to those still living. If the person has already passed away then "Prayers for the dead" may be said - but not the Last Rites.

You may choose cremation or burial, both are permitted.

Usually, one of the clergy will visit the family to discuss the arrangements for the funeral, hymns, readings and eulogy.

We provide an organist and we have facilities to play tape or cd music*

*(however the Bishops of England & Wales have restricted the styles of music)

Usually Requiem masses are on a weekday at 9.30am

(because this means the family can be supported in the mass by the usual weekday congregation, however other times may be possible)

Visiting clergy are always welcome.

You have the right to have "The Reception of the body" into the Church the night before the funeral if that is your wish. This is a short service of prayer.

You can choose to have a "Requiem Mass" in church, or a funeral service elsewhere.

One of the clergy will go to the place of burial or cremation for the "Committal".