San Pasqual Union School 100th Anniversary Reunion

This group was formed in order to gather alumni of the “Little School in the Valley” for a very special reunion celebrating the 100th anniversary of San Pasqual Union School.

The event will take place at the “new” school- 15305 Rockwood Road in Escondido on June 22, 2019. Everyone who has ever attended, has worked at, or has been acquainted in some way with San Pasqual Union School is invited. Go to the "You're Invited!" page (Home) and take our survey so that we can better prepare for this event.

To make this day even more special, we will be celebrating Jane Trussell's birthday! And believe it or not, she will also be turning 100 years young!! Check out the special page on this website devoted to the life and times of Jane Trussell, former teacher, principal, and superintendent of this great school and district.

Forever a Saint...

Jane Largent Trussell started working as both a teacher and as a bus driver at San Pasqual Union in 1942. She reported to work the first day of school by picking up her students. The school was a two-room building located in the San Pasqual Valley. She taught 5th through 8th grade with a grand total of 20 students. This was the start of an era for the “Little School in the Valley.” Mrs. Trussell became a strong, strict leader who believed in the importance of reading, writing, math and of course, sports. She had many roles at San Pasqual Union over the next 70 years: Teacher, Bus Driver, Custodian, Superintendent, Principal, Teacher, and in her last years she volunteered as an office assistant doing whatever was necessary for the little school.

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