Spraypaint 101

with Mike Bam Tyau

This site is to summarize the workshops that are taught for the basics of painting with spraypaint. For additional inquiries, email: MikeTyau@Gmail.com.

This class is divided between learning the basics of painting and then allowing participants to practice painting and then collaboratively painting something together as a team.

Safety Rules First:

  • Like a firearm, do no point spraypaint at yourself, your eyes, mouth, or at any other person.
  • Respect spraypaint like how you treat a firearm.

What else is on this website?

  1. Types of Spraypaint
  2. Caps
  3. Spray Technology

Please be patient as this site is work in progress.

As I teach more classes, I will add to this recorded curriculum!

In the meantime, practice at home and feel free to contact me at: MikeTyau@Gmail.com with any questions!