Kazuko Shinohara



Institute of Engineering,

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

Ph.D in education

International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan.

東京農工大学 大学院 工学研究院 教授


Ph.D. (教育学)

Contact address:

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Techonology

2-24-16 Nakacho, Koganei, Tokyo 184-8588, JAPAN

Email: k-shino ___ cc.tuat.ac.jp ("@" in place of underbar)

〒184-8588 東京都小金井市中町2−24−16 東京農工大学 工学研究院

Research Interests

Cognitive Linguistics

Conceptual Metaphor Theory


Research Topics:

Time metaphors and spatial cognition

Emotion metaphors

Multimodal metaphors

Sound symbolism

-- Crosslinguistic study of sound symbolism

-- Application of sound symbolism to sport science and food science

A corpus/experiment-based approach to Japanese imperfect puns