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Private Eye Cats; Book One: The Case of the Neighborhood Burglars

Scooter and Nugget cannot be content like most other house cats eating, sleeping, and annoying their humans. These two sisters, who just happen to speak English as well as cat talk, decide to sneak outside on a regular basis to explore their neighborhood.

When they overhear their human housemates, Tony and Misty, discussing a recent burglary in the area, Scooter and Nugget decide to become amateur detectives and solve the case.

Getting outside is easy once Tony and Misty go off to work. Dealing with the challenges of outdoor cats who are unfriendly and downright mean, dogs who need to prove to them who rules the streets, and a group of gang cats who want them off their turf is not so easy.

One challenge after another seems to prevent the cats from solving the crime. How do they track the criminals down? How do they figure out where the thieves wil strike next? What do they do if and when they finally do catch them? Nugget, younger and less experienced than Scooter, does not have a clue how to answer these questions. Scooter, older and wiser, has a plan.

Follow along as the plan is put into action. With the help of Tyrone Wiliams, a teacher at the local middle school who discovers by accident the secret that the cats can speak English, the plot unfolds.

These private eye cats will reveal to you just how successful two felines can be when they become determined to solve a crime.

Private Eye Cats; Book Two: The Case of the Kidnapped Dog

Once again, Scooter and Nugget find themselves up to their furry cat ears in mystery, suspense, and crime fighting. This time the two housecats who secretly speak English learn about a kidnapped dog and decide to track down the thief and return the dog, Jewel, to her owner.

This case will prove to be more difficult than their first. No one, not even the police, know who the kidnapper is or where Jewel is located. With the help of their old friend Mr. Tyrone Williams, the two feline detectives gather information and set a trap for the kidnapper in order to recover the dog.

Things won’t always go as planned, and Nugget proves to be a great help in this case. It appears that she learned a lot from Scooter during their first case. In spite of this, you will hold your breath as things get risky and dangerous for them as they close in on the bad guy.

Book Two will thrill every reader as the story unfolds, and you won’t stop being surprised until the end.