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The Case of the Miami Philanthropist

Second Edition


In this novel, the first in The Fairlington Lavender Detective Series, S.N. Bronstein’s main character is Fairlington Lavender, a retired cop who is working as a private investigator. Lavender is an enigma. He is often arrogant, sometimes foul mouthed, and always devious and unconventional as he meticulously works toward solving a case. Yet, when Lavender suspects that a politically connected, wealthy, entrepreneur, Mr. Kendall Somers murdered an eighteen-year-old girl, Lavender’s insights into the dynamics of psychology, sociology, and social psychology become apparent. He advances into the lives of his antagonists like a philosopher-gumshoe.

His friend Al; Sherry, his former supervisor at the police department; the reprobate Dean Powell; and Somers all become witness to Lavender’s ability to intersect inductive reasoning, instinct, and old school detective work into the effort to solve a murder. Along with these traits, Lavender adds the additional ingredient of a total disregard for the procedural limitations that restrain his peers at the police department.

The Case of the Miami Philanthropist is a great diversion for a rainy day that affords the reader a fast-moving detective story, written in a unique style unlike most conventional thrillers. The book will be hard to put down. It’s a page turner from the minute Lavender meets Al and Powell at the county jail, until the murderer is finally apprehended.

The Case of the Miami Blackmailer

Second Edition


Private investigator Fairlington Lavender was considering the merit of downing another cup of coffee at his usual breakfast café when his cell phone rang. He decided against more caffeine, tossed the paper cup in the trash, and answered the call that displayed a "305" area code. This indicated the call was from Miami and therefore it had the potential to be from a prospective client.

It was Friday, January 2nd, 2009 and Lavender was finding his holiday break from the Washington, D.C. agency he worked for to be tedious. He was looking for an excuse to leave the cold winter climate and return home to South Florida.

The call was from Rochelle Talbot, the victim of a nefarious blackmail plot. When Lavender takes her case, it leads him on a four month journey from Washington to Miami Beach and New York in search of a killer.

Lavender quickly resolves Talbot's blackmail case but he becomes entangled in a murder when Scott Diamante, Talbot's blackmailer, kills Shea Hurley. Hurley, a prostitute and the partime girlfriend of Diamante is killed when Scott suspects that she helped Lavender solve the blackmail case. Driven by a sense of guilt over Hurley’s murder, Fairlington Lavender once again sets out to seek justice for those who can no longer speak for themselves.

Detective Lavender tangles with the DEA, a Miami Beach cop who resents him, and a crew of Miami drug dealers as he tracks down Scott Diamante and seeks to bring him to justice. As always, Lavender incurs the wrath of everyone he encounters as he employs deception, guile, cunning, and old school detective work in search of his suspect.

The Case of the Miami Blackmailer moves more quickly than the jets that carry Lavender up and down the east coast right behind Scott Diamante.

The Case of the Miami Vigilante

For three years Miami cops tried unsuccessfully to solve a series of unrelated murders. As time passed and the body count began to rise, an inter-agency team of detectives began to ponder the possibility that a serial killer was loose in their county of two and a half million citizens.

In 2009, the arrest of Mr. Michael Jerome brought the killing spree to an end. For the police and residents of the county, the case was concluded with a conviction on nine counts of premeditated murder. The perpetrator was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

This was not, however, to be the end of the Michael Jerome story. While conducting a routine visit to the Miami-Dade County Jail on an unrelated case, private detective Fairlington Lavender meets Jerome, who is housed in an isolation cell. Interested in this unique case, Lavender is afforded the opportunity to interview the infamous killer. On their last visit together, Jerome hands the detective a fifty-three page diary which reveals every detail of his life prior to, during, and after his killing spree.

Lavender shares the diary with his friend, Dr. Sanford Lerner, a forensic psychiatrist. Over a period of three months the cop and the doctor meet and piece together the unique mosaic of Michael Jerome in an effort to understand what drove this previously law abiding man to such mayhem.

The Case of the Miami Vigilante will afford the reader access to the complete, unedited diary of Michael Jerome. The psychological autopsy Lavender and Lerner conduct as they attempt to reach consensus concerning the motivations, psychological dynamics, and ultimately the clinical diagnosis of this enigmatic man will captivate the interest of anyone who is an ardent follower of crime stories.

Was Michael Jerome a serial killer or a righteous vigilante?

The Case of the Yellow Flower Tattoo

For private detective Fairlington Lavender a missing persons case is routine, especially in the unrestrained, neon subculture of South Miami Beach. The Case of the Yellow Flower Tattoo was everything but routine.

In 2009 Lavender is contacted by Betsy Rodney, a retired New England school teacher who, along with her retired twin brother Richard, lives in a well ordered, predictable, and sheltered world of their own creation that resembles a 1950's lifestyle.

This strange and peaceful existence is shattered when Richard disappears without a trace.

In his attempt to locate Richard Rodney, Lavender dives into the nefarious world of South Beach nightlife and finds himself face to face with the Russian Mafia. The connection between Richard and the underworld confounds Lavender until he discovers a Russian girl named Yana who proves to be the link between the mob and Richard's disappearance.

Lavender digs deep; deeper than he should, in order to locate Richard and his mysterious new friend. His investigation techniques utilize 21st century technology along with 1940's era deception, subterfuge, and muscle. The Case of the Yellow Flower Tattoo takes the reader on a trip to South Beach and reveals the shadowy side of this city. It's classic Fairlington Lavender at his best.