Our Story

It all started with empathy and love.

Started in loving memory of a dear friend who died of breast cancer, a family friend created Dignity Robes, allowing women a more stylish and realistic way for medical treatment.

Smocks for Life is co-founded by Jan Sidle and Amy Sidle Harris, after Jan’s breast cancer diagnosis in August 2007. After witnessing Jan’s radiation treatment and that of other women, a need developed for a garment that permitted women to continue to feel like herself during the physical and mental challenges of cancer treatment.

When women are diagnosed with breast cancer, they are forced to wear drab hospital gowns for radiation or chemotherapy. Often women wear two for concealing radiation lines or mastectomy scars. Smocks for Life is designed for these women to remain comfortable in their dire situation. Smocks are created to secure modesty and dignity when a woman is constantly exposing herself for medical purposes.

Fashioned from cotton fabric, smocks uplift spirits with colorful patterns and vivacious designs, far from the eye-sores of hospital gowns. Instead of remaining topless for treatment, smocks rip away using cotton Velcro at the seams, allowing a woman to expose only the needed treatment area.

Jan in her yellow smock while in her radiation treatment cradle.