Podcasts and Broadcasts


This podcast features Drs. Jon Ross and Chris Smith prepare multiple-choice quizzes for each other, based on the week's events, news, and history. Drawing from a wide variety of academic and cultural disciplines, each episode of The Audacity of Trivia is informative, funny, and features "trivia that isn't trivial." For more on this podcast, click here.

the superhero sandbox

The Superhero Sandbox was heard on Monday evenings, 5-7pm EST on WFVR-LP 96.5FM South Royalton-- Royalton Community Radio. Produced by Christopher Smith, The Superhero Sandbox featured guests including Irish singer-songwriter Mick O'Reagan, Grammy winner Ottmar Liebert, They Might Be Giants' Jon Flansburgh, Andrew Corrow, and many others. The Superhero Sandbox was a proud member of They Might Be Giants' 2016 Dial-A-Song Radio Network. For some moments from The Superhero Sandbox, click here. The Superhero Sandbox was heard regularly on Thursday nights from 7-9 PM EST, from its inception in March 2013 until the spring of 2016.

Trigger warnings: challenging talk radio

Running from September 2016 until August 2017, this YouTube program featured Dr. Jon Ross and Dr. Chris Smith. With "radical empathy" at its core, this program was based on discussion of the week's events, as well as original and timely multiple-choice quizzes, prepared by Drs. Ross and Smith. Click here to visit the Trigger Warnings YouTube channel.