Cultural Studies Association annual conference at Carnegie Mellon University, May 2018.

Presenter: "'Bank Night': The Iron Lung for Depression-Era Movie Theaters" at the Popular Culture Association annual conference, April 2018.

Commonwealth University of Viriginia and the Information Institute's Issues in Cybersecurity Conference, May 2017.

Presenter: "Candid Cameras: Television's Cultural Role" at Lincoln University's Panopticon: An Interdisciplinary Conference, May 2016.

Digital Crucible Conference on Humanities and Computation at Dartmouth College, October 2014.

International Association for the Study of Popular Music Annual Conference at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, March 2014.

Presenter: "Other People's Photographs: Experiments with Found Images in the Creative Writing Classroom" at Manhattanville College's Critical Pedagogy Conference, June 2013.

New Media Consortium Annual Summer Conference at Hilton Head, North Carolina, June 2013.

Aspen Ideas Festival at Aspen Institute (Colorado), June 2012.

Presenter: "The Rhetoric of the Occupy Movement" at Union Institute's Interdisciplinary Conference at University of Cincinnati, with Dr. Jon Ross, January 2012.

Presenter: "Electronic Recording and the Flaming Lips" at Union Institute's Interdisciplinary Conference at University of Cincinnati, July 2011.

National Association of System Heads Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, April 2010.

International Society for Technology in Education Conference in Boulder, Colorado, June 2010.