“I love how organically simple the SlapStick is, and yet with huge potential for funking out in new ways!”

Mike Gordon - Phish

"A great addition to any percussionist's arsenal."

Bashiri Johntson

"It's so easy to fall in love with this instrument!"

Dr. Lonnie Smith

“A dream instrument — completely unique sound and great fun to play!”

PC Muñoz pcmunoz.com

"Awesome instrument!"

Anandan Sivamani

"Way cool. I trance-out when I play it."

John Mahon - Elton John Band

"How did no one think of this before? Simple but

so versatile! So much energy! I'm so hooked!"

Bruce Greenwood - Hollywood Actor

"The SlapStick is amazing! Picked it up and in moments. Added in some effects pedals and it's versatility expands remarkably! Best instrument ever."

Benjamin MacGown - Atomic Bastards