About The SlapStick

Originally inspired by the metal strapping found on shipping crates, the SlapStick is an award-winning electric percussion instrument designed and built by Andy Graham.

The patented (Pat 8,288,642) design uses this same metal strapping, along with an electric pickup and tuning mechanism to create melodic

Because the SlapStick uses a standard 1/4-inch input jack, it can be used with any existing music gear, effect, or recording software.

The SlapStick can sound like an electric bass, guitar, or just about anything else! It is ultra-potable and will fit into almost any suitcase!

Slaperoo Percussion produces 3 SlapStick products:

These include the most-popular N-100 PRO (The Noodle), the S-100 PRO, and the DLS Electric Walking Stick.

About Andy Graham

Andy Graham is an inventor, recording artist, and solo performer from the San Francisco Bay Area.

He has designed and built several one-of-a-kind instruments for his live shows. These include the Electric Stringed Didgeridoo, DIJBASS, Fiddleridoo, and the Green Machine Cocktail Drum Kit featuring the Graham Pedal Hi-Hat System.

Andy is on the Austistic Spectrum (Asperger's) and has a strong background in product design.

Like Temple Grandin, Andy 'thinks in pictures', allowing him to rapidly visualize and prototype mechanisms in his head.

He uses his years of skills as a machinist, welder, and fabricator to create his array of unique instruments and other inventions.

His website: www.andygraham.net