Yersinia pestis genomes from 4,000 year-old sites in Britain

Ancient genomes of two 13,000-15,000 year old humans from Britain (Charlton, Brace, Hajdinjak et al. 2022, Nature Ecology and Evolution):

Ancient genomes of 65 ancient wolves (Bergström, Stanton, Taron et al. 2022, Nature)
BAM and FASTQ files:

Ancient genomes of 27 early dogs (Bergstrom et al. 2020, Science):
BAM and FASTQ files:

Ancient genome of a 34,900 year-old Siberian wolf (Skoglund et al. 2015, Current Biology)
BAM file of reads mapping to canFam3: [0.7x, USER-treated]          [0.3x, non-USER treated]

FASTA-file of mtDNA consensus:                       [182x,  USER-treated]

FASTQ-files: [ENA link]