Stevens Institute of Technology Computer Science Senior Design (Capstone)

Stevens Institute of Technology

Senior CS Capstone Course Student Teams

Develop Software

for Early Stage startups

For a Small Amount of Equity per Student

for Nonprofits, Government Agencies, and Researchers

Pro Bono

for Established Companies

For a donation to the CS Capstone fund

If you’re interested in possibly proposing a project, contact Prof. David Klappholz,,


Additional Detail:

· All Stevens CS majors have learned python, java, C++, and web programming in required courses – in their freshman and sophomore years.

· Quite a few CS seniors have done iOS and/or Android programming.

· Quite a few CS seniors have worked on AI or Big Data software.

· Quite a few CS seniors have done game programming.

· Given that most Stevens CS seniors have had a number of summer internships or co-op semesters, in industry, they have had to learn new technologies on their own, and can learn virtually any new technologies required for their projects.

· Prospective project clients pitch their projects, during class time, in late August or early September.

· A project will run if 4 or 5 students choose it. To get a team to choose your project it’s important to make the project sound as interesting as possible, and to make the person who pitches the project sound like an interesting person to work with.

· Typically thirty or so projects will be pitched, and somewhere between 24 and 25 will run.

· If your project runs, you’ll meet with your team once a week, for around an hour, either in person, on the Stevens campus, or via Google hangouts or some other teleconferencing system.

· Student teams work on their projects from mid September until mid December, when they go on their Christmas/New Year’s break; they start working on their projects again in mid January, and work on them until early May, with one week off for spring break.

· Most Stevens CS seniors have done only/mostly programming and testing in their industry internships. So, the purpose of the course is to have them go through the whole Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

· Stevens’ senior CS capstone course is not an internship; each team member is typically taking 3 or 4 other courses, in addition to the capstone course.

· Each student is supposed to work 6-9 hours/week on his/her project.