Research Interests

  • Behavioral Operations Management
  • Supplier Performance Management
  • Contract and Game Theory
  • Dynamic Decision Making under Uncertainty

Publications and Working Papers

  1. Sina Shokoohyar, Anyan Qi, Elena Katok, “Improving Coordination in Assembly Project”, submitted for second round review at Management Science. Extended abstract accepted at MSOM Conference, 2016. (Request a copy)
  2. Elena Katok, Zhixi Wan, Sina Shokoohyar, “How Supplier Scorecards Affect Procurement Quality: A Behavioral Study”, Major revision, Production and Operation Management Society (POMS) . (Request a copy)
  3. Sina Shokoohyar, Elena Katok, Anyan Qi, “Incentivizing Suppliers Using Scorecard: A Behavioral Study”, work in progress. (Request a copy)
  4. Sina Shokoohyar, Elena Katok, Anyan Qi, “Trust and Trustworthiness in Risk-Sharing Contracts: A Behavioral Study”, work in progress.
  5. Shokoohyar, S., Sobhani, A., & Sobhani, A. (2018). "Impact of Trip Characteristics and Weather Condition on Ride-sourcing Network: Evidence from Uber and Lyft ", Under review at Research in Transportation Economics.
  6. "Improving Internet Service Providers (ISP) Competitiveness: ISP's Perception Regarding Customer Satisfaction”, work in progress. (Request a copy)
  7. "Developing a Multi-Mode Doubly Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem with Meta-Heuristic Approaches", work in progress. (Request a copy)
  8. "Explicating the Effects of Big Data Analytics Capabilities on Supply Chain Resilience Dimensions: Dynamic Capabilities Approach and Complex Adaptive System Perspective". (Request a copy)
  9. "Are All Quality Elements the Same? Exploring the Instrumentality of After-Sales Services on Customer Satisfaction". (Request a copy)


"Project Management under Risk-Sharing Contracts"

  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, Houston, TX, Oct, 2017
  • 12th Annual Behavioral Operations Conference, Cambridge, MA, Jul 2017
  • MSOM, Auckland, NZ, Jun, 2016
  • POMS Annual Conference, Orlando, FL, May 2016
  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, Nov 2015

"Incentivizing Suppliers Using Scorecard"

  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN, Nov 2016
  • 11th Annual Behavioral Operations Conference, Madison, WI, Jul 2016

"Trust and Trustworthiness in Risk-Sharing Contracts"

  • POMS Annual Conference, Seattle, WA, May 2017


  • Referee for POMS.
  • Member of INFORMS, POMS, and MSOM Society.