Research Interests

  • Behavioral Operations Management
  • Supplier Performance Management
  • Contract and Game Theory
  • Dynamic Decision Making under Uncertainty

Publications and Working Papers

  1. Sina Shokoohyar, Anyan Qi, Elena Katok, “Project Management under Risk-Sharing Contracts”, in final preparation for resubmission to Management Science. Extended abstract accepted at MSOM Conference, 2016. (Request a copy)
  2. Elena Katok, Zhixi Wan, Sina Shokoohyar, “How Supplier Scorecards Affect Procurement Quality: A Behavioral Study”, Under Review at Production and Operation Management Society (POMS) . (Request a copy)
  3. Sina Shokoohyar, Elena Katok, Anyan Qi, “Incentivizing Suppliers Using Scorecard: A Behavioral Study”, work in progress. (Request a copy)
  4. Sina Shokoohyar, Elena Katok, Anyan Qi, “Trust and Trustworthiness in Risk-Sharing Contracts: A Behavioral Study”, work in progress.


"Project Management under Risk-Sharing Contracts"

  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, Houston, TX, Oct, 2017
  • 12th Annual Behavioral Operations Conference, Cambridge, MA, Jul 2017
  • MSOM, Auckland, NZ, Jun, 2016
  • POMS Annual Conference, Orlando, FL, May 2016
  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, Nov 2015

"Incentivizing Suppliers Using Scorecard"

  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN, Nov 2016
  • 11th Annual Behavioral Operations Conference, Madison, WI, Jul 2016

"Trust and Trustworthiness in Risk-Sharing Contracts"

  • POMS Annual Conference, Seattle, WA, May 2017


  • Referee for POMS.
  • Member of INFORMS, POMS, and MSOM Society.