Trash, Composting and Recycling Rules

The Simpson Old Town development provides community trash, recycling, and compost amenities. We live in an old town city center with limited space and resources. In order to keep costs down for the community as well as for the city of Lafayette, it is important we all know and follow the rules for these services.


Take a look at the City Of Lafayette Videos for information on how to use the facilities:



Trash is for HOUSEHOLD WASTE ONLY. No large items, electronic waste, hazardous waste, etc. It is very important we do not fill the trash bin with large items.

LARGE ITEM DISPOSAL: Once a quarter there will be a large item pickup. Please store these items until a large item pickup day. These will be scheduled by the HOA. Please see the community calendar for the exact date of large item pickup.

COMPOSTING: The City of Lafayette provides composting. This is not your typical back yard composting. They take bones, meat, and even greasy cardboard like pizza boxes. The use of composting drastically reduces trash usage.

RECYCLING: There is a bin available for recycling. This is a typical single stream recycling bin. Please be mindful of others when using this bin, and break down boxes and remove all plastics and styrofoam packing. If you have a large amount of recycling (e.g., due to moving in or out), please try to stagger the amount placed into the recycling bins over multiple weeks. This will allow everyone to use the recycling bin throughout the week.

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: Hazardous materials (e.g., automotive oil, car batteries, paint, and other explosive chemicals) are not allowed in any of our rubbish bins. It is very important to not put these items in the bins as they could cause injury or property losses. The city of Lafayette has services available for disposal of such items. link: CIty of Lafayette HAZMAT

ELECTRONICS RECYCLING: The City of Lafayette has periodic Electrics Recycling Drives throughout the year. Check the Community Calendar for dates and locations.


The bins are located in the waste shed on the north east side of the development (in the alley off of Iowa). The bin shed is contained within two sliding wood and metal doors. While facing the shed, the left side of the shed is the location of the Trash bin, the middle of the shed contains two smaller bins for compost, and the right-side bin is for recycling.