2. ITEMS THAT CAN BE REUSED - Please donate re-usable items to Goodwill or other donation center. If you cannot bring them to the donation center, leave a note to the HOA and someone in the development will volunteer to take it for you. Send a message HERE.
  3. Recycling: PLEASE DO NOT PUT TRASH IN THE RECYCLING BIN. Please sort and break down your recycling from your trash and place only recycling in the recycling bin. This is a single stream recycling system, but not following the rules for recycling raises the overall cost and fills the bin up with waste(e.g., no plastic bags, no styrofoam, break down your boxes). Please review the trash, recycling, and compost rules here.
  4. NO LARGE ITEMS IN THE TRASH BIN: Large items like Beds, Office Furniture, etc. are being placed in the waste bin. There will be large item pickups scheduled each quarter It is very important that large items are NOT placed in the bin. Please store these items until a large item pickup or donate to one of the many donation centers around the city.
  5. PLEASE DO NOT PUT PLASTIC OF ANY KIND IN THE COMPOST BIN. We will get fined by the city. Please use compost bags or paper bags. City-supplied compost bins: The City of Lafayette is offering discounted countertop compost bins for $5.75 each. Purchase at City Hall, 1290 South Public Road.
  6. ELECTRONICS RECYCLING: View the city's website for electronics recycling events. RECYCLING EVENT INFO AND LINK
  7. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY and with CAUTION!!: Driveways can be very slick in the winter.