Solar Panel Cleaning

Purified Water, Safe, Solar Cleaning

The only safe way to clean solar panels is to finish them with a squeegee or Purified water wash. If you clean panels with soap and the hose regularly you will ruin them, and also void your warranty.

As low as $4 per panel for annual Solar Cleans. Minimum Rate is $250 so you may need to add another service. Horribly neglected panels with lichen growth, etc, are $10/panel. Call or Text (831)-331-1133 for a free estimate.

Simple Services is currently looking to do ONE massive array solar cleaning job to do at a discounted rate, in order to aquire advanced solar cleaning equipment. If you have an array larger than 1000 panels, and theres a month or two to get it done, please allow me to give you a one-time highly discounted estimate!