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A premium building wash is not even comparable to a "pressure wash". SoftWashing works with low-pressure and eco-alchemy to kill all organic growth and bug nests on the building but without hurting the plants, decks, or lawns. It uses much less surfactants and water and last much longer than pressure washing. After time is spent covering power outlets and nourishing surrounding plants, Up to four biodegradable "Good Stewards™️" solutions are applied through careful oxygenated technique to clean your building so well that it often looks like you just painted. FinalWash™️ is then applied to neutralize the cleaning action and add a UV protection to the paint or other surface. Finally, an amazing PlantWash™️ product is added to the surrounding yard which then perks up the plants and lawn. Its a better nutrient mix than anything you can buy locally and it really works. Most importantly though, SoftWash Systems is a perfected service using impeccable equipment and science, With exact steps always followed so that everything goes smooth. Power Washers can be incredible, and are needed before big re-paint jobs for sure, but they can spend half the day getting nozzles or soap mixes correct, which means they may go home frustrated, or be forced to have delays fixing equipment. SoftWash Systems Trucks are no joke, and we invest heavily to keep them at the highest tech and we are required to take classes every year to stay up to date.