The Australian Silicon Photonics team are world leaders in simulation and design of SiPh integrated circuits. Australian Silicon Photonics has a partnership with Luceda Photonics, the leading supplier of software design tools for photonic integrated circuits, and created the REME design framework that operates within the IPKISS design flow.

Australian Silicon Photonics' Turnkey service is aimed at researchers and product designers who want custom, mass-manufacturable SiPh devices designed and fabricated to their requirements. These customers will give Australian Silicon Photonics a description of the required functionality (inputs and outputs) of their device. Australian Silicon Photonics will use IPKISS simulations to design a mass-manufacturable, imec-compatible passive SiPh device to meet these requirements. ASP’s design will use ASP’s proven functional building blocks, described here. Australian Silicon Photonics has also developed unique, patented, high-performance, low-energy designs for other key silicon photonic functional building blocks, described in more detail here. ASP will review the design with the customer to ensure it meets the desired functionality, and then deliver a fully characterized, fabricated device based on this design. Further rapid iterations will be available if necessary.

Today, despite the enormous promise of SiPh, its practical use by researchers and product developers is significantly restricted by 6-9 month delivery times. The availability of mass-manufacturing-compatible passive SiPh prototypes with guaranteed performance and six-week turnaround will dramatically change the nature of research and development based on SiPh.

The Turnkey service is available now. For more information, including pricing, please contact us here.